How to Play Blackjack 3 Hand in Easy To Understand

The card game 188JILI is always an online game portal loved by many BET players. Among them is Blackjack, one of the most attractive card games. Bringing players extremely exciting moments of experience. Let players understand more about this card game. Today we will guide you how to play Blackjack 3 hand effectively and most definitely win.

What is 3 Hand Blackjack?

What is 3 Hand Blackjack?

blackjack 3 hand is also known as 3-card blackjack. This is a pretty hot card game at 188JILI Casino. This game originated from Western countries, and was imported to our country in recent years. Previously, this game only appeared in casinos and not too many Vietnamese people knew about it.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology. This game is designed and developed online. You can easily participate in playing Blackjack very simply without having to go to famous casinos to play.

How to play Blackjack 3 hand is quite easy to understand, which is why this game is increasingly popular in Vietnam. Now it can be said that this is an indispensable card game in online casinos today.

Instructions on How to Play Blackjack 3 Hand At 188JILI Casino

To make it easier to experience and play this card game. You need to understand the rules and how to play for each different situation. The following are easy-to-understand instructions on how to play Blackjack 3 hand for beginners.

Terminology in blackjack

Terminology in blackjack

To be able to play this game we need to use a deck of 52 cards. This game is not too big, players mainly rely on their skills to defeat opponents. First, to play well, you need to understand the rules and terminology in how to play 3-hand Blackjack.

Blackjack: player has 2 cards with a score of 21
Push: when the player equals the dealer’s score, it will be a draw and the bet amount will be refunded
Bust: When your score exceeds 21, in this case you will be considered a winner
Hit: Draw more cards
Color pair: 2 cards of the same color
Complete Pair: You have 2 cards of the same suit and color
3 hands: 3 cards
Double Down: Double your bet
Stand: If you feel you have a safe number of points, there will be no need to withdraw any more
Surrender: If you feel your hand is too small, you can surrender and not bet

How to play blackjack 3 hand is easy to understand

How to play blackjack 3 hand is easy to understand

After you have clearly understood the rules and terms of this game. At this point you can join the betting room and start playing cards.

  • First, each person will be dealt 1 card. Based on the number of points you have in hand, you can decide whether to quit or continue betting.
  • If you follow the last 3 cards, then you will compare your score with the dealer’s hand. Whichever side has the higher score, or larger set, will win the bet.
  • The winning amount will be double the bet amount.

In short, playing 3-card blackjack is very simple. You only need to follow a few times to easily participate.

Experience Playing Blackjack 3 Hands Always Win

How to play Blackjack 3 hand is quite easy, but how to easily win is another problem. This game does not rely too much on the red and black element. The important thing is that if you are experienced, you will be able to make money simply. Here are some experiences in playing blackjack and always winning. Brothers, let’s take a look together.

  • To easily win, you first need to understand the knowledge, rules and how to play this sport.
  • While playing, if your score reaches 20 points, you should not draw more cards. Because the house rarely has a score of 21
  • You need to maintain mental alertness when playing games. A clear mind will help you make better judgments.
  • Bet based on the amount of money you have. Money control is also an important issue when playing games at the house.


How to play Blackjack 3 hand is quite simple, but it is easy to win and earn money from this game. Then you need to have competition experience. With the sharing in the article, 188JILI casino hope you can understand more about this game and easily win and earn money. Good luck.

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