How to play Andar Bahar & playing method

Andar Bahar originated in India; it has quickly become a popular game in our country, attracting a large crowd of bettors. Many bookmakers offer this game with simple rules to enrich their favorites list. Below, bookmaker Bwinph will help you learn more about calculating points and playing Andar Bahar.

Information about the game Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a game where the dealer deals one card and places it in the center. Next, the dealer deals cards to the Andar and Bahar positions until they match the card in the center. Participating players will predict when the dealer’s card will match the card in the center. You will receive a bonus from the house if your prediction is correct.

The rules of playing Andar Bahar indicate that this game has two zones, Andar (inner) and Bahar (outer). This is where players place bets when participating at the house that organizes the tournament.

Types of betting available at Andar Bahar

There are several traditional ways to play Andar Bahar, including the following bet types:

  • Bet on Andar: In this type of bet, you bet on Andar. When the card matches the first card drawn from the deck, you win the bet and receive a cash reward.
  • Bet on Bahar: This is where you place your bet on Bahar. If the card matches the first card drawn from the deck, you win and receive a reward.
  • Spread betting: This method involves betting on one of the arranged decks on the table. Each turn can have from 3 to 8 decks, as the dealer decides. When the card matches the first card in the bet, you will win and receive the corresponding reward.

How to play Andar Bahar for new players

Scoring method in playing Andar Bahar

If you want to understand how to play Andar Bahar, understanding the calculation method will help you grasp many advantages. Each casino will use a different calculation, depending on their rules. However, there are some general methods that many people apply, including:

About value: Calculate from the smallest 2 up to 3, 4, 5, 6,… until reaching Ace.

Regarding quality, Priority is in Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs > Spades.

The most detailed way to play Andar Bahar for new players

As the experts explained Andar Bahar’s rules, they shared more information on how to participate at the bookmaker. In general, bettors need to predict which cards will match and go through the following two betting stages:

The player predicts the first card that appears and then places a bet. The bookmaker provides a period for players to place bets. Then, the dealer opens the first card. When the prediction is correct, the player will win.

The player predicts the card of the same suit as the first and bets on Andar or Bahar. After that, the dealer continues to deal cards until a card that matches the suit of the first card appears. Players can continue to bet while the dealer deals with the cards until the result appears. When a card matches the first card, a round ends, and the player can decide to end his game and move on to betting on other tables.

Tips for playing Andar Bahar

Excellent strategies when participating in Andar Bahar can help you expand your winnings at the bookmaker. You can easily apply these strategies because the games are usually simple, and bettors typically don’t need to put too much effort into participating. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning and profiting:

  • Master how to play Andar Bahar, an online card exchange, to understand the house’s rules, methods, and odds.
  • Learn from experienced players to increase your knowledge.
  • Avoid being subjective and concentrate highly when playing to achieve tremendous success.
  • Closely monitor the dealer’s cards, shuffling process, distribution, and other factors to make accurate predictions.
  • Research and find information to identify reputable, experienced bookmakers, avoid fraudulent addresses, or ensure the security of personal information.
  • Manage capital intelligently and use reasonable financial strategies to avoid unnecessary loss.
  • Take advantage of the special discount codes available to increase your account balance and achieve maximum success.

Playing Andar Bahar is not complicated and is even an exciting challenge for beginners. Hopefully, the article Bwinph has provided will help gamers play games more easily.

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